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The Center specializes in the area of immaterial culture. Its mission is to preserve, promote and encourage recognition, conservation, passing on and spreading of Quebec folk arts and traditions including those of the First Nations and the ethnic communities.

Donations and Legacies

Help us to ensure the survival, preserving, development and transmission of our heritage. Informations & donations

Centre Marius-Barbeau's exhibition: Le fléché au bout des doigts, prensented at the Canadian Guild of crafts
11 September 2016
May 5 to September 3, 2016 Opening reception Thursday, May 5, from 6 to 8 p.m.
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of which a very large part is already catalogued and indexed.


Montagne de livre


The library collection is made up of several books and periodicals on folk arts and traditions (including the Michel Cartier collection) and of a number of documents on dance and costume.

Slides et Pictures



Transparencies and photographs complement our documentation.

Complementary Files

Complementary Files


Among other things, the complementary files include texts, folders, brochures, newspaper and periodical articles.

Dance Notations



Dance notations form an important part of the collection as well as a precious source of information. These notations, enriched with references, offer a complete range of French-Canadian and international dances.

Many of those notations have been handed down as a bequest of the folklorist Jean Sauriol.

They include choreographies, stage dances and folkloric creations.




The Center owns many costumes, masks, accessories, and 186 costume sewing patterns. A manuscript on the history of costume: "Le costume de l'habitant au Québec au X1Xe siècle" (History of 19th Century Peasant Costume in Quebec) has also been produced by the Center and may be consulted on the premises.

Audiovisual supports

Audio Visuel


Audiovisual supports play an important part in the teaching of dance and gigue as well as in creation.

Sound Supports



Our record collection consists of a large number of folk music recordings, a quarter of which are devoted to Quebecois folk music (namely the Tournesol collection).

At the present time, the archives of Jimmy Di Genova (personnal archives as well as those he assembled as Director of the Marius-Barbeau Center), those of the Feux Follets and of Fernande Morel (some of which concern the CRIFM) have been processed and are available for consultation. The Center also takes a particular interest in urban folklore.  

Sortilèges Archive

It includes : administrative, human resource management, financial resource management, communication and public relations, choreography, stage dancing and folk-inspired creations, music, gigues, some 900 newspaper articles, productions, programs, photos and videos.

Bibliothèque et Archives Canada
Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales Quebec

Feux Follets Archive

This archival fund was given to us through the good offices of Michel Cartier. It includes: administrative, human resource management, financial resource management, communication and public relations, productions and tours, costumes.