Donations and Legacies

Donations and Legacies

Ever since the creation of the Ordre de Bon Temps , several people have been getting  involved with organizations, musical groups, dance companies  and research . And it is their involvement that has ensured, until now, the survival, conservation, development and handing down of our living heritage.

It is our desire to give all those people a face and a presence within our collective memory.  With that purpose in mind, we are seeking writings, photographs, posters, archives, testimonies, etc., any element capable of preventing the sinking into oblivion, while preserving the effervescence of the younger generations of the after-war period and of the 50’s and 60’s.

In general, the Center is also interested in gathering written, audio, audio-visual or any other type of information or documents. In brief, anything that may present a particular  interest for the preserving of our living heritage.

When  appropriate, receipts for tax purposes can be emitted following the assessment, by our special Committee, of the material donated to the Center.

Cash donations

All cash donations are always highly appreciated.

*** Receipts for tax purposes can be emitted by the Center ***

Charitable organization registration number # 100088 0608 RR0001

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Volunteers and Interns

We thank all the volunteers and interns who are involved in the development of the Center. They are valuable contributors.